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Dennis Davies
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Sunny Birmingham
Favourite genre of music: Mostly Metal and bits of everything.
Favourite photographer: Discobean, LadyVoodoo, Adam Robertson
Favourite style of art: Pinup Art, Sequential Art, Cartoons
Operating System: Windows XP, My Warped Brain
Shell of choice: Shotgun Shells
Skin of choice: Festering, rotting zombie skin
Favourite cartoon character: Lenore, Bugs Bunny (obviously), Daffy Duck, Eric Cartman, Jessca Rabbit, Freekazoid, Looshkin
Personal Quote: "10 out of 10 people die, so dont take life too seriously"
  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Listening to: Marilyn Manson
  • Reading: S. by J.J. Abrams
  • Watching: WWE NXT
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed Unity
  • Eating: Risotto
  • Drinking: Bourbon

Greetings one and all and a happy new year to everyone.  Though it's a shame my first journal entry of 2015 is not more positive...

As a cartoonist, the terrible news of the massacre in Paris has struck me on a personal level.  Satirical and political cartoons speak far more truth than newspapers or the TV ever can.  The truth is scary and the truth hurts, but if we can't admit the truth and poke fun at ourselves then we can't possibly expect to evolve as humans.  Kudos to the Charlie Hebdo magazine for not being afraid to satirise a group of cowards who thrive on the idea that their distorted views are somehow untouchable.  If people are afraid to mock an ideal that terrorists hold as the ultimate power, then terrorism wins.  Charlie Hebdo was not afraid and clearly these narrow-minded, deluded individuals (because let's face it, they don't represent the peaceful message of Islam at all) had a nerve struck and their narrow minds couldn't take it.  The sounds of the gunfire will never be as loud as the messages Charlie Hebdo were conveying.  Either everything is fair game, or nothing is.

I hope the bravery of the people behind Charlie Hebdo magazine and the victims of the massacre will be an inspiration to everyone.  We are not afraid.

RIP to all those who needlessly lost their lives for expressing the principles upon which their country was built.  Liberté, égalité, fraternité.  Je suis Charlie.

Peace and METAL!!!!!!

CitizenWolfie :pirate:

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Final Fantasy VII Squishies by CitizenWolfie
Final Fantasy VII Squishies
I enjoyed doing my Walking Dead Squishies</a> so much that I decided to do another one.  This time it's one of my favourite games of all time - Final Fantasy VII.  Sometimes you just get those games which hook you instantly and this was one of them.  Midgar is one of my favourite video game worlds and I love all the characters and environments within it, let alone all the other towns in this world which was one of the biggest I'd ever seen back in 1997.  My mates and I even had a little "Avalanche" crew at school.  Nerds.

Went for a cross between the chunky 3D in-game models and the official character art.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, Aeris/Aerith, Cait Sith
Red XIII, Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Zack
Wall Market Cloud, Marlene, Sephiroth, President Shinra, Rufus Shinra
Reno, Rude, Tseng, Elena, Scarlett
Professor Hojo, Biggs, Jessie, Wedge, Bugenhagen

Hope you all like.

Hand drawn in pen/ink
Coloured in Photoshop

Final Fantasy VII (c) Square Enix
This pic (c) Dennis Davies
Rosalina by CitizenWolfie
In space, no-one can see you walk around your intergalactic castle naked.  Especially when all the Lumas have gone to bed.

Rosalina has become my new favourite Nintendo Princess.  She's kind of got a bit of a MILF vibe but also that girl next door look.  I wish I lived next door to girls like her...

Glad my tablet is still working.  Was having problems with my last upload.

Hand drawn in pen/ink.
Coloured in Photoshop.

Rosalina and Super Mario Bros (c) Nintendo
This pic (c) Dennis Davies

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No problem, I just like to show some love for my favourite artists on Deviant Art
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